“Bad coffee had to be

beaten out of England.

You’ve got Giddy Up by Old

Street.. amazing sh*t.”

James Murphy

LCD Sound System

Shortlist 2012

Giddy Up Coffee are an artisan coffee supplier to London’s thirsty clients from four outlets.

We use above and beyond Fair Trade coffee from UK suppliers SQUAREMILE, HASBEANWORKSHOP and EXTRACT COFFEE roasters and support the wonderful Coffee Kids charity.

We pour organic milk and produce home baked goods using organic eggs and provide our customers with sustainable specialty coffee.

We endeavor to craft coffee excellence in unusual surrounds and use Kokoa Collection super premium chocolate for our hot chocolate lovers.

We hold training seminars, cater for festivals and parties and served our coffee from the first licensed street trading cart within the City of London at Guild Hall.

We look forward to seeing you at one of these locations;

Fortune Park, Islington EC1

Giant, City of London EC1A

Angel, Islington Memorial Green N1

Vinyl Pimp, Hackney Wick E9