Show me the coffee

Espresso 2.00
Macchiato 2.60
Cortado 2.60
Piccolo 2.60

Flat White 2.80
Americano 2.80
Filter 2.80 - 3.80
Long Black 2.90
Latte 3.00
Cappuccino 3.00

Extra shot or large 50p

5’r 2.70

Alternative Milk Oatly, Barista Soy or Minor Figures .40p
Syrups Hazelnut, Caramel or Vanilla syrups by Monin .50p

Special House Brews

Giddy Up Espresso and Cortado 3.50
Tom Cruise Short Americano 2.70
Magic Dbl Ristretto Flat White 3.00
Rambo Four shot Flat White 3.60

Hot Chocolate by Clipper £3.00

I’m a Tea Pot

Tea by Fortnum and Mason £2.60 (Jasmine Pearl, Earl Grey, 3 Mint)
Matcha Latte by Tea Pigs £3.50
Turmeric Latte by Clipper £3.50

Soy Chai Latte £3.50

Chill factor

Cold Brew small 8oz £3.00 or large 12oz £4.00
Iced Latte £4.00
Iced Black £3.80

Dope free flavour hit

Decaf by Square Mile roasters .50p



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